Family Law Focused

The Law Offices of Agatha L. Rode is completely devoted to Family Law. As a result, we have vast experience dealing with family law issues, including divorce, child custody, and estate planning. Because Family Law is our specialty, we make it our priority to stay up to date with the most recent legal developments, trends and changes in the family law field. As family member ourselves, we also understand the heightened stress and worry that can overwhelm you when decisions about your family or children’s future are at stake. At the Law Offices of Agatha L. Rode, we help you navigate through the litigation process while providing detailed and straightforward advice so that together we can assess your unique situation and achieve your family’s best outcome.

Experienced and Effective San Antonio Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Agatha L. Rode, we make it our goal to be the most prepared lawyer in the courtroom. As a result, we have a strong record of aggressive advocacy for contested divorce and custody cases. While some cases must be resolved through the court system, the Law Offices of Agatha L. Rode also has experience utilizing other effective means of case resolution. Depending on your individual situation, negotiation through mediation may be a more beneficial solution than having your case heard in court. We are experienced negotiators that are ready and willing to advocate for your rights, whether it be in the courtroom or through private settlement negotiations.

As a client of Agatha L. Rode, you can rely on the following:

  • Being fully informed of the status of your case and being included and involved with all the decisions made regarding your case
  • Clear explanation of the law affecting your case and the options you have as a result
  • Prompt replies to your calls or emails
  • Detailed monthly invoices describing the work performed on your case